Tuesday, June 16, 2009

visas and daydreams

I sent in everything for my visa today! I had to get 5 shots and took typhoid fever pills before I could even send in for my visa. I hope that I am now invincible!! :o) I must say it was very nerve-wracking to send off my one and only passport and other forms in the hope that I did indeed fill everything out correctly, and trusting that the embassy will send my visa and passport back all before I leave on September the 12th! Whew! Prayers are needed!

These days I find my thoughts distracted with details, packing lists, support letters, fund raising, and questions. For those of you reading this you know that I am not a very....shall we say.... outdoorsy or nature type of girl....so living in Africa should be quite the adventure! I have been feeling rather anxious as to whether I will be able to handle the "heat" so to speak. That is when I must remember that if the Lord called me to this He is going to sustain me throughout the entire duration of the trip. Living completely outside my element for four months will probably change me and mold me in ways that I never could have predicted or expected. I find myself wondering what the new me will be like? And that is when I just look to Christ and see Him smile and say "hold my hand..and I will show you who you are".

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