Friday, May 29, 2009

the beginning!

Ladies and Gentlemen.....

I have been ACCEPTED!!! WAhoooooooooooooo!

I am trying to process through the thought of actually going, so more to come on that later. I am so glad that the Lord knows what He is doing. Because somedays I wonder if I have lost my mind! I am just going to trust that He has laid this on my heart for a reason and now I am called to obedience.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The only word that I have to describe this year is -- stretching. The Lord has shown me time and time again that I can do NOTHING without His help. For awhile now I have felt this tug on my heart to do something more, something unexpected, and something even more stretching. For the past few years Africa kept coming up. Junior year of college I was in a 3-D art class where our assignment was to make our representation of home. While everyone in the class was making their house, or their grandmothers house, I was making a Ugandan hut. I decided that I wanted to show what "home" was for most of the world. Whenever I had a hard day in college I would always joke that I was just going to move to Africa.
That being said it is obvious that the Lord has been preparing me for this decision for quite some time. I knew that I wanted to work with children. Caring for them and showing them as much love as I could. After researching what felt like fifty missions organizations I came across one that had everything I was looking for. Empower-a-Child is located in Kampala, Uganda. They serve with many different types of outreaches that are all focused on children. After talking with the volunteer coordinator and a girl who served with them last summer I felt sure that this organization was Christ centered and would be wonderful to serve with. I am SO thankful that the Lord has called me to this opportunity to go and serve Him and have an adventure!

I have sent in my application and now I am just waiting.

Waiting to hear if I got accepted, waiting to go, waiting on the Lord, and waiting to start the journey towards the light straight ahead.