Friday, December 4, 2009

a new step.

And then there was one...

I have had the privilege of meeting some wonderful people during my time here in Uganda. They have each marked a different season and a new set of lessons. As I sit here sipping my spearmint team, hearing the storm roll in over the hills of Ntinda, and listening to a guitar being played outside...I miss them all.

Courtney, the sweet deep thinker who knew how to ask me amazing questions and encourage me with her love for life. There was Hannah, the funky, amazing singer who knew how to love children and make me laugh at her thousands of crazy faces. Catherine, the other southern girl who kept me sane and laughing for a month and showed me how quickly people can become friends. And then the Mocha boys, Daniel and Charlie. They were such an encouragement and such a blessing for the week and a half that we hung out with them. We all felt like we had known each other for years! Catherine, Daniel, and Charlie left yesterday and I am still here.

Since today is a quiet day at the house I have had time to think and reflect. With so many people coming and going I was worried about not really having a constant while I was here. The Lord has been showing me that this is how life happens. People come and go...but He remains my one constant. He promises to never leave us or forsake us and to be our strong tower through life's many trials. He has taught me to be thankful for the time do have with people and to trust that if it is in His will He will bring us together again. I am so excited to have lifelong, front porch friends all over the country. (front porch friends is a saying I heard, clearly in the south, referring to those friends that you can talk to for hours and just sit on the front porch with them). The Lord has been so good to me throughout this trip. He has provided me with community and taught me that His ways are always better than my ways.

Tomorrow marks the end of the Empower a Child outreaches for 2009. This week we have thrown two Christmas parties complete with food, presents, a Christmas play, and Christmas carols! The first party was at Katalwema Children's Hospital. The children were so excited to decorate cookies and receive gifts. Yesterday we had a huge party at the Remand Home, which is a juvenille prison. The kids did skits and songs, we had an eating contest, I got a bucket of water dumped on me, traditional Ugandan food, and a dance party! All in all it was a fun day and the kids had an AMAZING time which is all that matters.

Since the projects are ending the Lord has blessed me with a new opportunity for a few weeks. My church in Raleigh, Vintage 21, is beginning to partner with a family here in Uganda to help them start a chuch plant and a sponsorship program for the slum children that live near them. Dan and Loring Morris have become like my second family here. From the first time I met them I have felt so comfortable and so welcomed. They have 3 amazing children, Aiden [9], Hannah [6], and adorable Ben [4]. Their heart for this country and these people is contagious and I am so glad that the Lord brought us together. Tomorrow I am going to stay with them through the first of the year! I am moving from Ntinda to Wabigala (I love the names of places here). It will be so wonderful to spend the holidays with a family. They also have an intern coming from the Ukraine next week. So I will be in the girls room with six year old Hannah and theUkraine intern will be in the boys room with Ben and Aiden. I will be helping Loring homeschool the kids and helping their church get a medical clinic up and running. It will be quite the adventure and I cannot wait to move there! I pray that the Lord will use me to minister to this family and allow me to help Vintage better minister to them in the future.

Love and blessings to you all! 5 more weeks and I will be home in good ole' North Carolina. Comfy beds, cold weather, scarves, hats, gloves, fires, hot water, reliable electricity, electric stoves, no mosquitos, no mice, and fast food here I come!!!

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