Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a different perspective.

The house is quiet for the time being. Hannah and Ben are playing on the front porch, Loring is doing her bible study, and Lillian is humming and cleaning somewhere in the house. Outside the buzz of activity can be heard and I am glad that I have a place that is quiet to escape to. I can hear children laughing, horns honking, boda men yelling, and police whistles blowing.

The past week or so has been so filled with activity and meeting different people. Loring has been gracious enough to include me in everything that she has been doing. On a normal day we wake up, have devotions with Dan, Kostya (intern from Ukraine), and Loring, drink our coffee, and try to wake up! Dan and Kostya head out for the day to meet with pastors, work on a new medical clinic, disciple people, etc. I help Loring with home school for Aiden and Hannah. I mainly work with Hannah and we work on math, reading, and spelling. At some point during everyday I read Ben at least 4 books and do the same safari jungle puzzle. Typically he is asking me to do the puzzle as soon as I step out of my bedroom and have my toothbrush in my mouth :o) The afternoons always offer something different. We spend time with Betty, Loring's Ugandan friend whose husband is the pastor of the church that Dan preaches at, head downtown for errands, or go to the store for dinner, or sew curtains for a medical clinic. I have also been fortunate to meet some amazing muzungu women. Loring is involved in a women's bible study and a home school group. It has been so amazing to hear everyone's stories as to why they are in Uganda. One women's husband works for the US Embassy, a few work for a church here, and some are here with different mission organizations or have their own organizations. The common thread in all of these women is their heart for the Lord and their heart for their families. They are all doing their best to adapt and adjust to this culture and to give their children an amazing childhood. I went to a Christmas Cookie exchange last night and met a women who lives in a large home she calls Father's House. She and her husband currently have 16 children and their mission is to simply love children and fill their Father's house. I have met women from Australia, New Zeland, Tanzania, England, and the Netherlands.

Some of you may be thinking, "well this is much different from what I thought she was going to be doing". Honestly, it is different than I thought as well. But I have a peace that I am exactly where the Lord wants me. I am not doing set outreaches, but I am serving the Lord by serving this family. One of my good friends in Raleigh has been nannying for people at our church, Vintage 21, and she has been such a good example for me. Her heart for children and for the families in the body of Christ is contagious. When I am getting frustrated with the kids or I am being selfish and don't want to give of my time and energy I just think of what she would do in this situation ;o) I am still showing love to children and I am building lasting relationships with amazing people. I am so excited to see what the future holds between the Morris family and Vintage 21 church!

This week is a BUSY week! Loring and I are both having a hard time with it not feeling like Christmas. When you are wearing summer clothes and thinking about going swimming it is hard to get in the Christmas spirit. We have a tiny Christmas tree that the kids constantly change the decorations on, and we made Christmas cookies...maybe that will help. This week Loring and I are going to 2 bible studies, teaching Christmas songs to the choir at the church Dan preaches at, writing, planning, and practicing a children's Christmas play, going to a Ugandan wedding, and going Christmas shopping for a few very deserving Ugandan children. Whew! Well it is time for me to go color a princess dress with Hannah then off to bible study. I hope everyone is enjoying the cold weather and Christmas spirit for me! I will be in Raleigh one month from tomorrow!

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