Thursday, October 29, 2009


Baby in a basin. clearly!

Sherrie. My favorite child at Victory Primary School!

Courtney and Hannah! A BEAUTIFUL child at Kyambogo Primary

Boys on lunch break in Gulu

The Jaja! Look at the beauty and wisdom

Child in Gulu

Joy at the Remand Home. A juvenille prison

My self and a child from the school of the deaf. He is my buddy because we have the same color eyes! aren't they gorgeous!

Playing dress up at the museum! shhhh. don't tell anyone!

I hope you all enjoyed a peak into Uganda! I miss you all a ton!


  1. Meredith!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos...thanks!


  2. LOVE the pictures Mere!! I am just SO proud of you (and a wee bit envious of your adventure)!!! Love you so much, and I can't wait to see you :) Love love love!

  3. Great pictures! Love that baby in the basin! :)

  4. Mer- The photos were really great and especially liked the one of the boys walking down the path.It made me think that no matter were you are in the world boys and kids in general are all the same. Thy need friends and time to play. Today is halloween and will be taking Grace trick-or-treakingwhere she will be a wackey witch.It seems just like yesterday that i was taking you and Caroline around the block. Hope you ahev a good weekend and keep up the photos.

    Love Daddio

    PS- As a fellow Tarheel Fan i thought ou would enjoy that UNC upset Virginia Tech 20-17 on National TV Thursday night. I told mommy you probably heard me yelling in Uganda.

  5. Mer,
    Thanks for so many pictures. They are great! Love to see who and what you're writing about. You look happy and I know you love being with the children because it shows on your face. We miss you and are very proud of what you're doing!! Love you!