Wednesday, October 28, 2009

afflictions eclipsed by glory.

It has been about a week since I have blogged. That is mainly due to the fact that our Internet has been PAINFULLY slow (like20 minutes to load a page) and I have not wanted to sit at the computer that long. Also, as the title somewhat suggests, there have been a few hard days over here. There has been disappointment and unforeseen hurdles to handle over the past few days. As always...I take a little it to process through things. Being in a country with a lot of down time and few distractions is great for processing. The Lord has shown me many things over the past few days. Number one, as Christians we are not to judge people, simply things and circumstances. That is hard at times because as broken sinful humans we always want to condemn others to make ourselves feel elevated in some way. Secondly, HIS glory and love and grace and forgiveness--- eclipses everything else. This simple point does not leave us room to hold grudges or to not forgive simply because the pain rendered was too great and seemingly unforgivable. He calls us to so much more than that.
Since arriving here I have asked the Lord to break my heart for the people here, to break my heart for what breaks His, and to cultivate a love for these people and this country.
It is beginning.
I find my thoughts wandering to the children. The faces who were once have a name and a smile, and beautiful chocolate eyes....Sherrie, Maria, Gift, Christine, David, Molly, Jethro, Joseph, Grace, and Jacob. When I leave them I wonder what their homes are like. Are they read to? Are they hugged and kissed? Did they eat that night? Did they get home safely? Did the nurses care for them? It is a wonderful and refreshing change for a mind that has been incessantly mulling over the events of this past year. The sights and the smells are all becoming familiar now. Sleeping under a mosquito net seems like the most natural thing in the world!
I prayed for this..and He has answered. Week one, I never thought I would feel comfortable here. Now I do. I also wish that I was older(and had an unlimited supply of money)...then I could attempt to adopt one of these wonderful, sweet, beautiful, children who is in desperate need of love. [don't worry mom and dad, you would love them immediately!! ;o)] Maybe they would learn that His glory would cover their afflictions as well.

This past weekend/week has had so many interesting parts! Friday night some of us went on an adventure to Kabalagala (it means pancake in Luganda) to find Ethiopian food! After a LONG taxi ride, getting dropped off at the wrong spot, a boda ride, being dropped off at the wrong stop again, asking for directions at an Italian grocery store, and a 15 minute walk we finally found the restaurant. It was SO worth the hassle!!! The food was incredible and we had such a great time! Saturday I went to another craft market and then to dinner with the Morris's in Kampala. The dinner and the conversations were wonderful! I got to have pasta WITH Parmesan cheese and coffee after dinner....oh man was it a good day! Here in Uganda it is the little things. Monday...BABIES!! They were precious as always and were fascinated by bubbles! Today we went to Katalemwa Children's Hospital and had a GREAT time! The kids just sang and danced!! I helped lead worship with Collin. It turned into a dance was priceless. We then performed a puppet show of Noah's Ark with beanie babies and Dora the Explorer as Noah..TIA! Hannah and I then went on quite the adventure to retrieve our PACKAGES!!!! It was like Christmas in October [oh wait, that was my Christmas!] A few highlights from the packages....
Jiffy Cornbread Mix
Hush Puppy Mix --- That is right! The south has hit UGANDA!! YAY!!
Microwaveable Cake!
Cookie Mix
T-shirts (very helpful when all of your "clean" laundry is on the line and it is insisting on raining everyday and it isn't even rainy season anymore!)
Reese's Pieces
Shout out to Uncle John and Aunt Katie! I already gave away some tooth brushes! I did however find it hysterical that my dentist uncle sent a box FULL of candy...and tooth brushes! Wonderful!

Tonight...we went to the Ndere Cultural Center and saw traditional dances! They are sooooooooo talented! Woah! At one point the women were dancing while carrying 7 that is right 7 jugs on their heads. The highlight of the night for me was when they called the audience to the stage and people from about 20 different countries all sang Amazing Grace in English in a circle. (it made me feel a little guilty that so many people in the world know English and I only know...well, English) It was a beautiful moment seeing God's people together in a foreign land praising His name together. I imagine that is a little what Heaven is going to be like. Everyone together singing to Him.

Well I must get to bed. It is BABIES in the morning and it is 11:30 here. So good night and mulungi (love) to all! I will post more pictures when the internet speeds up again!

"I have a feeling that if you look for it, you will see that love actually is all around us"

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