Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hope in Uganda

Above are some pictures! Enjoy! Highlight of today. Getting a pedicure for 50 cents.

1) my bed!
2) the girls in the house
3) Jacob!
4) me and Jacob at Sanyu Babies Home!
[not sure what order they uploaded in, so just figure out which title goes with which picture]
I want to tell you a story. Our time in Kids in Need had drawn to a close. We were with the ragamuffin children of Uganda's society. Street kids who were living in this place with nothing but each other a few scraggly puppies and their God. I thought we were about to leave, and then two teenage kids who had been hanging on the outskirts came up to sing an original song. They began to sing and although I could not understand them, I knew in my soul it was beautiful and heartfelt. Then Felix began to translate for me....and I was stunned. This "boy" was singing about how much hope he had in the Lord. That although he had no parents, no money, and few friends his hope was in the Lord. He praised God for his life and the breath in his lungs. The song ended and I was humbled to the core. What have I had to endure. Sure I have had some tough times---but nothing like that. So on this relaxing Saturday in Uganda, I will praise the Lord for my life. Whom He has given much, much is expected. I hope and pray He will use me to show His light and love for the broken, the dejected, the forgotten, the betrayed. For after all, I have been all of those things, we all have at some point, and it was Him alone who pulled me out towards His light. We all need just enough hope to look up. You never know what you might see!

Love to everyone! Thank you for the prayers and encouraging comments. I read each one of them! ALSO: disclaimer. Do not think you have to send me a package, it was just the fastest way to get the info to people.


  1. We love you Mer Mer! Looks like this experience will change your life FOREVER. In an amazing way. :O) We miss you already! (and I hope I am writing in the right spot!?!?!?) Love, Neal, Laura, Max and Connor

  2. Beautiful pictures Mer! -Dom

  3. Praying for you, my darling Mere!!! I LOVE YOU!

  4. Hello sweet Mer! Care package on the way! Keep up your wonderful work and continue to draw from your obvously vast faith! We love you very much! John, Katie, and Royster

  5. I have never seen you as beautiful as you are in that picture with the baby. You look stunning!

  6. MER! your bed looks just like it did in the dorms! well minus the orange noodle taped to the ladder steps and if you pretend that mosquito net is just my duvet falling off the top bunk...
    Great updates, hope Puppy is enjoying his experiences as well! Love you!-e.con

  7. What precious pictures. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through your adventure. I would never have the guts to take on such a task. I know each hug & kiss from a child is precious. Give them lots of love from me!