Saturday, September 19, 2009


Goodness, I am in Uganda! I am still feeling slightly (ok VERY) overwhelmed. Everything here is different. The smells, the sights, everything! There are hardly any stoplights here, there are few paved roads, there is no orion in the sky, but there are lots and lots of bugs!

Today consisted of me sleeping12 hours from my jet lag, riding a boda boda for the first time, eating goat and jibate (not sure how it is spelled, but it is fried dough pitas), and then lead praise and worship at a campus crusade type meeting for about 200 college students, and watched am African fashion show about good dress codes, and saw a beautiful lightning storm. And do they all know how to dance!!! Woah! It is so encouraging that the Lord hears praises in any language.

The house I am staying in is good and we have a guard at our hardcore gate named Friday who lives in a tiny shed beside it! I have a bunk bed complete with mosquito netting. I will just tell myself it is the canopy bed I have always wanted! There are 4 other girls here that are all very nice. 1 more is coming in a few weeks, but 3 of them are leaving in November. :o( I have a lot of emotions right now, but I know I will be ok in time. The Lord has me here for a reason and i am anxious to meet the kiddies. I miss home a lot, but I am comforted by all of the prayers! Miss you all and keep praying for courage and strength.

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