Saturday, February 4, 2012

beautiful things.

This still doesn't seem real to me. That all I have to do is hop on a few planes and then I am there. Back in Uganda again. It is hard to believe that it has been two full years since I have been on that land that captured my heart. Most of the time it seems like yesterday. I find it so interesting that the Lord is using Uganda again to usher in a new season. My last trip ushered in a season of healing and growing and learning to trust again. I had quit my job to move and looked for something totally different when I returned.
Today was my last day at my current job, and the Lord orchestrated my time so that I was leaving when I was returning to Uganda. I have applied to about 28 jobs in the last nine months. Yep. 28. So clearly my times are in His hands. My soul is quite weary from my current work situation and I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to go and be filled up and poured out at the same time.

2012 may have to be dubbed the year of new beginnings and the Lord making all things beautiful. There are so many babies being born or coming home, the Lord provided a new job, He provided the finances to go on this trip, and I have all new classes. I have started going to a new community group where the people lean in and push eachother closer to Jesus. My goodness we are only in February!! I cannot wait to see what else He makes beautiful this year.

Everything in me knows that I am supposed to be going on this trip. I have always had visions of me returning to Africa with lots of friends, or a handsome man, or someone in my family---but here I find myself getting ready to hop on a plane by myself again. This trip will be far different than the last. When I get off the plane I will be greeted by dear friends instead of strangers. I already know how to whisper, nkwagala nyo {I love you} to the babies, I know how much a boda ride costs. He has gone before me and I am eagerly expectant to see what this far too quick journey will teach me.

So, here is to embracing adventure, and mishaps (its an international trip--mishaps always happen), and love, and new life, and courage, and trust, and hope. He allowed me to walk among His high places and He changed me from Much Afraid into Grace and Glory.

My eyes cannot wait to behold the beauty that is Africa again.

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