Thursday, November 19, 2009

Safari Pictures!

Hannah and I beside Murchinson Falls

Me and Pumba, just hanging out. No big deal...this is what everyone does!

Giraffe. Looking at you!
Big Elephant!

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas!

Mufasa..on the hunt for some breakfast!
I hope you enjoyed a glimpse at my 300 safari pictures! I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to go! If you want to see more + videos then you will just have to wait till I come home in January! Ok. Goodnight all. Movie night with the girls!


  1. amazing photos Mere!! your Safari sounds amazing. I am SOOO glad you got to do that!! As always, your blogs are truly inspiring, and I can tell you're going to come back a changed woman. Love you!!

  2. hi Mer. it's Gracie! i love the safari pictrues. has Pumba caught up with Timon yet. love ya!

  3. Enjoyed the animal show. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiging. I believe your skin is getting darker!

  4. only hippopotamus will dooooooo. not a zerbra not a rhinoseras? the only thing I want are hippopotamusseseseseses.

    Grace and i are singing the song together. we have been moaning your name "in the way we used to say a certain someones namee to make you mad" for the past hour thinking you might come back home (for our first thanksgivings without you) but i dont think you heard :) Be safe and I cant wait to see those safari pictures!!!

    Love French Frye and Tator Tot

  5. A weeem a wauhhh... A weeeeem a wauhhhh... These safari pictures are amazing.... you're definitely going to have plenty of amazing originals to frame! Jealous! ;-)

    Happy Thanksgiving cuz! We'll miss you so much today at your folks place. I hope you get to eat something extra yummy today!


    PS... Tyler says, 'hello'.... and Baxter and Knox say, 'WOOF WOOF!'